There is no question about the fact that there are stores that sell bad-quality cannabis. However, if you want to look for high-quality cannabis, then four twenty dispensary sukhumvit would be your only destination.

But the question is how you will understand the best quality cannabis. Here are some steps that can help you distinguish between good and harmful weeds.


The flower’s firm, intense, and pleasant aroma indicates the quality of cannabis. The high-quality cannabis would emit pine, diesel, or a loud odor. If you want to get the best quality cannabis, then you must not forget to choose the stronger fragrant ones.


Fresh and healthy flowers are some hints that can help you determine whether you are looking for high-quality cannabis. Good quality flowers come with red or flaming orange hairs. Sometimes the color can vary from bright blue to Deep purple.

Also, the amount and viability of trichomes help you to understand whether cannabis has good quality or not.


The top shelves of cannabis are slightly spongy and sticky. Especially when you gently squeeze them, you can snap the bud quickly. At the same time, the bud should not be too soft or wet as it can develop mildew or mold.

Flower Structure

The flowers that undergo skillful cultivation have a light, fluffy shape and good composition. Such flowers are not the best. You need to be aware of the fact that the shape and composition of the flower have to be dense and tight. It indicates that the plant was grown under sufficient light intensity.

Are Expensive Weeds Always Good?

There is a concept that cheap weeds are always wrong. In this case, this can be somewhat true. You can only get a nice smelling fresh flower with a good value. But as a consumer, you must be aware of the high THC flowers. However, cannabis that does not pass the smell test qualifies as an evil weed. Once again, the choice depends on the personal taste of the consumers.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to complicate the search for high-quality cannabis. Even if You Are a novice, you can easily understand the high-quality buds. Before you make any decision, make sure that you check for the four leading indicators, including smell, feel, look, and flower structure.

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