Beautiful eyes create a significant impact on the person. A person with beautiful eyes makes a good impression on someone with confidence. Double eyelids (ตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai) is one of the cosmetic ways to make your eyes look naturally beautiful. In recent years double eyelids have gained popularity in Western culture. Let us look at what double eyelids are and who needs them.

What Are Double Eyelids?

Double eyelids, or double-fold or double eyelid crease, refer to a specific eye feature with the upper eyelid and the rest of the eye area. It helps to distinguish between the eyelid and another eye area.

Who Needs Double Eyelids?

·        People With Single Eyelids

Single eyelids are common in Asian people. Their other area is also fatty. Therefore, people who want to make their eyes more visible and curvy can use double eyelids. It can give them beautiful-looking eyes.

·        People With Uneven Eyelids

People with droopy eyes may have single eyelid problems. Weak eye muscles may cause this condition. As a result, the person cannot open his eyes equally.

·        People Who Have An Unequal Eye

You may have experienced some people with unequal-looking eyes. he might have this condition by birth or other reason. Having double eyelid treatment by an experienced doctor may help to get proportionate eyes.

·        People Who Have Excess Eyelids And Eyelid Fat.

Excessive fat surrounding the eyes makes them look small. It also sometimes affects the vision of the person. A double eyelid can cure the issue permanently.

·        People With Tired Or Sleepy Eyes

People with weak eye muscles may make their eyes look tired. Because of this, the person seems much older than his actual age.

Different Techniques For Double Eyelid Surgery

There are various techniques with which doctors perform double eyelid surgery. The doctors will first consider the condition of your eyes and then decide upon the method. If the person has excess eyelid skin, he will use the extended eyelid incision technique. The doctor may use the quick eye incision technique if you have short eyes. He will use the 3-point sewin technique suitable to clear saggy eyes. Mo Ruang Khao technique is a specialized technique to give you customized looks according to your face.

To get the best results out of the double eyelid surgery, ensure that you follow all the instructions given to you by the doctor. In case you experience discomfort like watery eyes or swelling, call the doctor immediately.

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