The date, the hours, the minutes, the seconds, and other time-related information are all displayed on the screen. Because the dial is the part of the watch that comes into direct contact with the wearer, it must be able to show all of the information provided by the hands and the many openings in a relatively small space while still meeting high aesthetic and legibility standards. Making a dial is an art form in and of itself. To do it well, you need a lot of artistic skill and knowledge of the latest technology. Rolex manages every step of the dial production process in-house, from the initial concept to the final assembly, which sets it apart from other watchmakers in the industry.

The Chroma light show gets underway as soon as it gets dark outside. Only Rolex Pearl Watchface (นาฬิกา Rolex มุก, which is the term in Thai) makes the luminous material used in the hands and hour markers; it gives out a brilliant blue light and is designed to last for a long time, making it possible to see the time in any lighting condition. Its origin dictates its colour, which could be pink, black, white, or yellow; the part of the shell that it is carved determines the strength of the colour as well as the crystalline structure of the object. It looks different depending on how it is lit, and this makes it look like a cloudy night sky, a bright moon, and water that is moving. These associations come about because their appearance changes.

Rolex never adds any colour to the mother-of-pearl that it utilizes in its products. Maintaining the item’s authentic hues while simultaneously enhancing its inherent allure is a task that necessitates a significant amount of effort and specialized knowledge. In their own special way, mother-of-pearl dials each have the potential to be regarded as pieces of art. There will never be another person wearing a watch with a dial reproduction like yours.

Different people will see different things when they look at its reflections: some will see a cloudy sky that is about to be smashed by a bolt of lightning, while others will be mesmerized by a gorgeous constellation of billowing clouds. Platinum can be difficult for a novice to identify correctly. Those knowledgeable about watches will be able to locate platinum Rolex by its icy blue face, a distinguishing trait that is both understated and uncommon. Platinum, the most exquisite metal there is, is used in manufacturing each Rolex watch.


Rolex is in charge of the whole process of making dials, from the first idea to the final assembly. The Chroma light show is constructed to last a very long time and shines brightly in the colour blue. The luminescent material utilized in the hands and hour markers is exclusive to Rolex. The mother-of-pearl employed by Rolex is never coloured. Each Rolex is created by hand using only the highest quality materials, including platinum. A platinum Rolex’s unique icy blue face is recognizable to watch enthusiasts.

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