When it comes to Rolex, it is obviously a very renowned brand which is loved by the masses.

Rolex lady has only ever displayed enormous ambition from its very foundation. During the 20th century, it was thought that watches should take advantage of the most cutting-edge innovation and be as trustworthy and precise as pieces of jewellery, which was then the private customer timer. Creating the tiny hand movements required for digital watches would fulfil Hans Wilsdorf’s vision, the architect of Rolex.

At the time, men’s watches were seen as delicate jewellery for women, but he intended to provide women the same options as men for a contemporary, durable wristwatch. A Rolex watch model was certified as having “Class A” precision by the English Kew Planetarium in 1914. Before that, only perpetual maritime calendars were eligible for this designation.

Countless Variations

A bezel with flutes, a dome, or diamond sets? Exclusive, sparkling dials covered with gems or the mesmerizing parent tones? Roman numbers, plain hour indicators with gemstones, or perhaps both? The Dame is one of the Oyster Everlasting collection’s most versatile models, thanks to its looking.

The Diamonds’ Brilliance

The precious stone variants of the Madame that Rolex will introduce in 2021 highlight the alluring shine of the jewels that cover every aspect and demonstrate the industry’s proficiency in emeralds. One person chooses the gemstones, while the other places each individual in the band, bezel, crown, or dial. Together, the gemmologist and emerald bring out the stone’s brilliance.

Following The Datejust

The Lady-Datejust, introduced in 1957, integrates all the features of the Datejust, the iconic Rolex lady timepiece that has stood for beauty and technological competence since its introduction in 1945. The Madame, this date chronometer’s female counterpart, has all the sophistication of the Datejust in a more manageable size ideal for thin wrists.


Due to the numerous options available with the Woman, wearers may always pick one that fits their character. Resources include Oystersteel, 18 ct yellow, white, or Everose gold, or Rolesor variants that mix Oystersteel and one of three types of gold (white, yellow, and Everose).

Problems affect Everose gold’s enchanted sheen. The Rolex-developed and cast special 18 ct pinkish gold alloy has a deeper colour than regular pink gold and subdued bluish overtones. With Rolesor models, which combine oyster silver and gold, its refined and modern colouring works incredibly well.

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