Everyone wants to look good, charming, and young, even above 40, and they want their face to look happy invariably. But with age and the changes in the atmosphere, the skin starts getting loose, wrinkled, and dull, and the face feels sad even if they are not.

Several medical problems occur with age that make your face the opposite of what you thought, like the dropping of corner lips due to losing the skin as aging and the gravitational pull also involved in this situation, which makes your face look downhearted, lifeless, which also pull your confidence down.

But there is a solution for that, which is corner lip lift (ฉีด ยก มุม ปาก, which is a term in Thai). In this procedure, the outer lips of the patient get lifted upward to make a good appearance. They lift the lips, aiming to provide an excellent expression to the face. Let us look into the procedure.

What Are The Different Methods For The Corner Lip Lift Procedure?

As we know, every medical problem has several treatments, and we will get into the techniques for uplifting the corner lips:

Surgical Method:

In this process, the surgeon removes the excessive tissue, and the corners are lifted to deliver a youthful appearance for the patient. In this procedure, the distance between the nose and lips is shortened. The results of this procedure are long-lasting or permanent.

Non-Surgical Method:

·       Botox (Botulinum Toxin Injections):

This is one of the most common cosmetic methods which is being used in the paralyzing of the muscle. With the help of Botox, they paralyze the muscle responsible for the corner lip’s downturn. When the muscles relax, they pull it upward to appear well. This is a temporary method, so this procedure’s results last a few months.

·       Facial Filler (Hyaluronic Acid Fillers):

In this procedure, hyaluronic-filled injections are injected in the corner of the lips to increase the volume and get a lift. It involves filling all the wrinkles and saggy areas of the lips to provide an overall impressive look. This is also a temporary process that lasts for some months but needs regular enhancement sessions.

In A Nutshell

In this article, we discussed corner lip lift and the procedure for this. Just go through this article, which can help you or your friends, as this problem co-occurs with most people. We hope this helps you all out.

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