How to Choose Between an Electric and Gas Lawn Mower?

When it comes to buying a lawn mower, the first decision you need to make is whether to purchase one that’s electric or one that’s powered by gas. Each type of mower has its pros and cons, but you also need to consider the turf you will be using the machine on.

Why Electric Mowers?

People who choose electric do so for a variety of reasons. Some want to go electric for environmental reasons. As we become a more eco-friendly society, many of our buying decisions are determined by whether the product is good for our planet. An electric lawn mower certainly falls into that category. It emits zero emission and does not contribute to pollution, unlike its gas counterpart.

Another reason people like electric mowers is because it’s much quieter to operate than gas mowers. Gas engines are noisy, so if you go electric, you won’t disturb your neighbors when mowing early in the morning. Also, you won’t need to wear ear protection to block out the sound made by the loud gas engine.

Easy to Maintain

Over and over again, you’ll hear people who use electric lawn mowers say how easy it is to maintain. Unlike those that are powered by gas, you do not have to deal with gasoline, changing the oil and filters, or issues with spark plugs. The only maintenance that’s really required is making sure the blade is sharp and keeping the undercarriage clear of debris.

Downsides to Buying Electric Mowers

While electric lawn mowers have come a long way in the past decade, it still lags behind gas mowers in terms of power. If you have a regular-sized lawn and the turf is relatively level, then an electric mower should perform just as well as a gas mower under those conditions. However, if you have large, hilly lawns, you’d be better off buying a gas mower.

Another downside to electric mowers is the use of cords in the corded models. For some it’s a minor inconvenience, for others, trying to wrangle a cord while mowing can really test your patience. It is not uncommon for people to accidentally run over their power cord while mowing. You can avoid this hassle by buying the cordless models. With the cordless models, the mower is powered by a battery. While it’s convenient, keep in mind that the battery usually adds a lot of weight to the mower. So, if you don’t want to push a heavy mower around, consider your other options.

Also, if you buy a cordless model, consider whether you can mow your entire lawn on one charge. If not, consider buying a model that has the removable battery feature and get a back-up battery. Otherwise, if you run out of battery before finishing, you’ll have to stop and wait several hours to recharge the battery.

Reasons to Buy a Gas-Powered Mower

With a powerful gas engine, a gas lawn mower certainly makes the most challenging lawns much easier by comparison. Faced with uneven terrain, you can power through without much effort if you have a self-propelled lawn mower. If you want to put in the least amount of effort when lawn mowing, a gas mower is definitely for you.

What’s the bottom line? Choose an electric lawn mower if you have a small to medium-sized lawn that’s relatively level, and you want a piece of equipment that’s eco-friendly and low maintenance. Choose a gas lawn mower if you need the power to plow through rough terrains and large lawns, and don’t mind the noise and maintenance involved with gas mowers.

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