Gervonta Davis vs. Mario Barrios results: Davis drops Barrios three times, scores 11th-round TKO

It was questioned whether Gervonta could lift his weight. He responded with an 11th round TKO of Mario Barrios, to win the WBA (Regular), super lightweight title in a thrilling showdown at State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Barrios has fought as a natural 140-pounder, while gervonta davis, 26, has spent most of his career at 130 or 135 pounds. Davis lost nearly six inches in height. Davis proved that he is still one of the best knockout artists in the sport in his first attempt at super lightweight.

It was a tedious fight at the beginning because Davis and Barrios were both efficient with their output. Barrios, however, was the aggressor. He seemed slightly in control in the first rounds. Davis knew he had to increase the pace, and he did so in the fifth- and sixth rounds. As Davis applied pressure, Barrios attempted to stop the charging opponent “Tank”.

Though he thought he was in the lead on the scorecards, and Floyd Mayweather shouting orders from the ringside, Davis turned up the energy in round eight and displayed his immense power. Davis landed Barrios on the canvas with a right-hander lead hook. Davis rushed forward, knowing that Barrios was seriously hurt. He then put Barrios on the canvas with a lead right hook. Barrios was able to survive the last 90 seconds of the round, thanks to Davis’s pursuit of the highlight reel knockout.

Tank seemed to be ejected for a second as he took his ninth round off. Barrios combined digging body work with a right hand to his head. Davis was composed and didn’t seem to be in any trouble.

In a thrilling 10th round, the two fighters went toe-to-toe in toe. Both landed heavy leather. Barrios began quickly with bodywork, but Davis found a home to a right-hand that stopped Barrios from his tracks.

Davis refused to let the fight go to the judges in the 11th round and began to roar at his opponent. Barrios had clipped Davis with his left hand, but a left uppercut was used to dig into Davis’ midsection. This put Davis on the ground for the third time. Davis was aware that his opponent was obviously injured and quickly went back to his body. He doubled Barrios with a left-hand that stopped the fight at the 2:13 mark.

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